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White distressed oak lamp bedside table

White, distressed, oak lamp or side tables hand-made by ourselves with a shabby chic look. Available in singles or pairs and also either 16" (40cm) or 20" (50cm) heights.

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The beautiful, but heavy, solid oak blocks add a focal point when used as lamp tables, or at the end of a sofa or side of an armchair as a side table. These have been given a shabby chic look by creating a distressed white finish; rather like a lime wax. There are 2 standard heights available, although we can make other options if required. All hand-made by our own craftsmen at our workshops here in the UK. Produced from 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm) solid European or American oak, sanded smooth, and finished with a hard natural wax. Other colours are also available (see our other items in this category) 

These rustic oak lamp tables will look great in either traditional or modern environments, and are an unusual alternative to mdf, chipboard or veneered tables. We use semi air dried or 'green' oak for these blocks which will continue to develop cracks and splits as they settle in to their new home; this is an intentional feature of these pieces.

Care of your table -Please read our aftercare page on this website for detailed information on how to maintain your table and keep it in the best possible condition.

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Set of 3 Medium Oak Block Lamp Tables

Set of 3 medium oak block lamp tables or side tables, 1 each of 50cm, 40cm and 30cm heights (20", 16" & 12") approx.